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Birth Photography gives moms and dads a chance to see the story of their babe unfold in a documentary style capture. Often times, a mother might not feel like she was very strong during labor and delivery. We want to help mothers see what we see: an incredibly strong and powerful woman with the support of her partner and her birth team. Looking back on the story of your birth will promote emotional healing, especially during the event of an experience where the mother may not be able to follow her birth plan. I remember bits and pieces of laboring with my first child. In the moment, I did not feel like I was very strong! I certainly didn’t have much notice for my birth team and how they were supporting and loving on me. Upon looking at my birth photos, tears were flowing. “I had done that?! Wow, look at how strong and amazing I looked! I don’t remember my husband doing that…” It was a whirlwind of emotion to see that I had actually very gracefully brought my son into the world. For this reason, I jumped into doing birth photography! I want to help other mamas and dads to see themselves as I see them, strong and amazing. -Rebecca
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Rebecca or Sabrena will typically arrive when you are in active labor. If your care provider is doing cervical checks, we are usually with you from 3-5 centimeters onward. If you are not being checked, one of us will come when you have a pattern of contractions that you can’t talk or walk through. We will be in communication before and during your labor to ensure that we come at just the right time.
Your photographer will stay between 1-2 hours postpartum and will be taking photos of the newborn exam as well as your first experiences breastfeeding.
We love sharing empowering images of birth! Through these images, we can change the way our culture views motherhood and birth, however, we absolutely respect families that wish to keep their birth images private. During our consultation, we will discuss exactly what you do or do not want shared and we will always honor your requests for privacy.